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Labeling solutions for logistics, industry and POS applications

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology

Labels and type plates

Stick and stay - that's our motto for labels and markings. Thanks to the cooperation with many manufacturers, we offer you a very large variety of tailor-made products for numerous industries. A long service life is just as important to us as the quality of your products. That's why our third label looks just like the 1000th - even in the long term.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we offer you different materials, from simple paper material to high-quality nameplates, with different adhesive systems, even for extreme requirements, such as difficult surfaces, high smudge resistance and long service life outdoors, with high UV and weather resistance.

Etiketten VZ2
standard labels

Stick and stay - that's our motto for labels and markings.

logistics labels

Labels for marking storage spaces, shelves and boxes

Image by CPG.IO eCommerce Execution
security labels

Security labels protect, secure and seal. 

Labels for difficult, low-energy surfaces

Labels for exceptional loads and special applications.

hazardous material labels

Labels for marking dangerous goods in accordance with legal requirements.

cable labeling

Cable labeling for industrial applications


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