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Labeling solutions for logistics, industry and POS applications

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology

Die-cut parts

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology offers comprehensive advice and finds the right solution for your requirements for die-cut parts, kiss cut and single or double-sided adhesive tapes.

We produce customized die-cut parts from various materials such as foams, VHB acrylic foam, rubber, fleece, seals, acoustic filters, fabrics, insulating foils and fabrics in different colors.

We take the UL 94 VO standard into account for some materials.

These parts are used in various industries such as the automotive industry, electrical engineering, electronic devices, transportation and traffic, household appliances, mechanical engineering, loudspeakers, construction and the furniture industry.


Cable marking can be found in many industrial sectors, here are just a few examples:

  • Automotive industry, marking of cable harnesses

  • Electronics industry

  • Medical equipment

  • Control cabinets and switchgear

  • Mechanical engineering and systems

  • Data and network technology

  • shrink tubing

  • Construction industry

You can both incan be used indoors as well as outdoors. The bonding takes place on various surfaces.

Hüsch GmbH Print Technology produces the materials on rolls, single or multi-lane, as sheets, individual pieces, with tabs or with perforations, according to your specifications.

Wir beraten Sie gerne, kontaktieren Sie uns unter oder +49 (0)171-7494744.

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