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Labeling solutions for logistics, industry and POS applications

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology

We are certified to

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015

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Marking in the automotive industry plays an important role in ensuring safety, traceability and efficiency in production and after-sales service.

Hüsch GmbH Print Technology offers tailor-made solutions and materials for marking in the automotive industry.

Our labels and stickers meet high requirements such as resistance to chemicals, oils, lubricants, acetone and MEK.

They are also abrasion resistant and can adhere to various surfaces such as metal, plastic, painted steel and glass. We also offer special labels for the traceability of components and products to document the entire product life cycle.


Our labels can be printed with variable data such as serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes.


In addition, we also offer solutions for labeling warnings, safety information and operating instructions to ensure the safety of vehicles and their occupants.

If you have any questions or would like to send an inquiry, we are happy to assist you. Our experts will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for your marking requirements in the automotive industry.


Electric car charger on socket in a public car park in Suffolk, United Kingdom


We would be happy to advise you, contact us at or+49 (0)171-7494744.

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