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Labeling solutions for logistics, industry and POS applications

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology

We are certified to

ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015

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Roller screen printing

In the roller screen printing process, we only process flexible substrates, the material of which is fed from a roller into the translational screen printing machine. Multiple color or finishing/sealing layers can be applied within the production process as required.


The production process is particularly suitable for medium and long runs. The machine has also proven itself with very short set-up times, so that even small production series can be manufactured in just-in-time production.

possible uses

Below you will find a list of areas of application, which, however, only gives an example of the range of possibilities available in screen printing:

From roll to roll

Adhesive labels made of various foil materials

PVC, PP, PE, polyester, and much more.

ultra-destructible vinyl foils (document foils)

Films with permanent or removable adhesives

Special films (e.g. strongly adhesive on oily or uneven surfaces)

non-adhesive foils and plastics

Textile labels (e.g. jeans labels)


Endless labels for further processing in digital printing processes

security labels

From roll to sheet

The production and material spectrum is almost unlimited.

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