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Labeling solutions for logistics, industry and POS applications

Hüsch GmbH - Print Technology


With us, the 1000th product looks like the first. We ensure our high standards through a clearly defined quality assurance process. The traceability of the batches is guaranteed, as is efficient timing. Even the acceptance of your inquiry or your order takes place according to precisely defined rules. Of course, flexibility does not fall by the wayside. We also take care of small orders for you or deliver in just a few days if you wish.

One for all, all for quality
ISO certification according to 9001:2015

Stable connections and security for your work processes

UL and cUL approval

Authorized and approved UL repacker
UL certificate E537084, TEOU2/8 for USA und Canada


As a UL-certified repacker, we can supply you with various labels with the “UL Recognized Component” test mark.

The UL label allows certain products to be sold in the North American market. This mark represents Underwriters Laboratories' certification of compliance with UL safety standards. This means that electronic products must be marked before they can be placed on the market.

UL und cUL Zulassung
ISO Zertifizierung
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